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Collaborative Standing Desks

Modern Office Furniture for Flexible Configurations

When a team strategizes together, it ignites vision and creativity that carries over into business success. Innovators like Google and Facebook have built collaborative workplaces, but the “office of the future” is not only for major companies. The Stand Up Desk Store delivers solutions for a flexible and easily reconfigured environment.

Whether you need a small brainstorming group or space for a team meeting, the Stand Up Desk Store’s line of office furniture, including the manual and crank adjustable standing desk, standing workstation, and new electric standing desk, enable your office to easily adapt. All of our desks come with 3” casters and two locking brakes so you can simply adjust your office to meet varied needs. Make the stand up desk part of your modern office décor and improve business results with higher quality collaboration. 

  • When it’s time to put your ideas into action, our mobile standing desks are easily rolled back to their original location. Work either sitting or standing with the manual and crank adjustable standing desks, or adjust at the press of a button with the new electric standing desk. Whichever desk you choose, your business will enjoy the cognitive and physical benefits of standing.
  • Mobile stand up desks create new opportunities for office collaboration. Take advantage of rolling casters and easily push desks together for focused times of discussion, or easily join individual desks together to create a space where employees can share materials and view each other’s computer screens.
  • Bring the whole team together for a meeting with our mobile stand up desks. Create a conference table for collaboration, arrange desks in a circular pattern to spark discussion, or form a semi-circle to focus on a central speaker or presentation. Use the mobile glass dry erase board for presenting and capturing ideas.
  • Brainstorming sessions have become an essential part of business growth and ideation. It’s when minds come together that big ideas start flowing, so optimize your workplace for quick employee meet-ups. Our standing workstations allow team members to share resources and insights quickly and efficiently. Bring your business efficiency up by breaking cubical barriers down.


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