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Meet Our New Electric Standing Desk Converter

Create a healthy workspace right where you stand with an Power Pro Standing Desk Converter. These adjustable height desks turn any surface into a standing desk with no assembly or workspace changes required. Effortlessly move from top to bottom in a matter of seconds with an electric motor. Improve your health and productivity today with an Power Pro Standing Desk Converter.

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Why Stress Could Kill You… Or Save Your Life

Humans suffer more stress-related sickness than any other animal—and it’s killing us. Find out how stress works and how you can stop it from making you sick… or worse.

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Why You’re Tired at Work (and What to Do About It)

Did you know that humans are the only mammals who willingly postpone or go without sleep? Even though one of the primary causes of drowsiness among Americans is self-imposed sleep deprivation, many of us can’t seem to resist that late-night I Love Lucy marathon…

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How Affective are the Latest Office Trends?

The workplace has changed over the years, often in gradual steps, and sometimes in drastic leaps with sweeping technological and cultural changes. Some changes have been valuable, but others proved to be superfluous and short lived. 

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Stand Up Desk Store Gets a “Five Star” Review from a YouTube Pro

Phil Ebiner, a videographer with over 14K YouTube followers and one million views, recorded a rave review of his crank adjustable standing desk. “I would say five stars for the stand up desk from” 

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Moving throughout the day with a stand up desk reduces back pain, improves posture, and mitigates the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and even forms of cancer. Enjoy the health benefits of a standing desk today.



Standing desks improve focus and cognition, as well as ward off the "3 O'clock slump." Increase your mental acuity and gain the boost you need to take care of business.



A healthy workspace boosts productivity by keeping you energized and motivated! Take your efficiency up a notch with an electric or crank adjustable standing desk, or convert your existing space with a standing desk converter.