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About Stand Up Desk Store

Stand Up Desk Stand Up Desk Store is dedicated to improving your well-being by offering a full range of products that promote a healthy work environment.  Our standing desks, workstations, presentation stations, and accessories are designed to adapt to your lifestyle. Adjustability and mobility are at the core of each product, meeting the needs of today’s demanding work environment. 

An increasing number of companies and individuals are finding that stand up desks provide a smarter way to work. The concept is well established with distinguished roots, including proponents such as Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo da Vinci, and Winston Churchill. Now the movement has gone mainstream, combining classic sensibilities with modern ergonomic design.

Physicians, scientists, and researchers tout the health benefits of using a stand up desk. Reducing neck and back pain as well as the risk of heart disease, a stand up desk also improves circulation and aids weight loss. It increases mental alertness and productivity, all but eliminating the 3 o’clock work slump. Stand Up Desk Store is here to help you work towards a happy and healthy lifestyle at home and in the office.