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Reclaimed Wood Desks

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natural. beautiful. timeless.

The Artisan Grove™ collection from the Stand Up Desk Store is for the discriminating executive who demands nothing but the best. Each desk is hand built featuring a stunning, solid top made of genuine reclaimed lumber. Enjoy all the health and productivity benefits that standing desks offer while also complimenting your impeccably appointed workspace.

Compromise is Not an Option.

You didn’t get where you are by settling. With Artisan Grove, you don’t have to settle for an average-looking workspace. Our desks offer the look, feel, and lasting quality of reclaimed wood sourced from century-old houses, barns, churches, and factories in America’s heartland. Each desktop is lovingly cut, sanded, and stained by hand to deliver a finish that is as attractive as it is durable.


Beauty is More than Skin Deep.

Good looks only count if performance and function is also on par. Artisan Grove desks are constructed with solid steel frames that feature durable powder coat finishes, smooth operating dual electric motors, optional furniture-grade casters, and innovative three-stage telescoping legs that deliver an extended height adjustment range. An exclusive “easy-assemble” design, makes unboxing effortless.

Dual Motor for High Weight Capacity
Durable, 3-Stage Frame
Programable Controller
Assembly takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

The Perfect Fit.
For all day comfort, you need an optimal typing position. Artisan Grove desks let you find the exact height you want, whether sitting or standing. Thanks to an extended height adjustment range, it will accommodate taller and shorter users. The digital keypad can remember your favorite settings, which you can instantly recall at the touch of a button.


Add Function with Accessories.

Stand Up Desk Store compliments the Artisan Grove line with a full range of accessories that enhance ergonomics and comfort, provide convenient storage, and help keep cables and cords tidy.


Stand Up for Health
and Productivity.

In a study conducted by the American Diabetes Association*, researchers found that participants who alternated between sitting and standing boasted slimmer waistlines, lower BMIs, and healthier fat and blood sugar levels than those who primarily sat. Additional studies have consistently shown that standing while at work also reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease**. Finally, standing desks, when set up utilizing proper ergonomic principles, have been shown to engage the “…postural muscles in a way that sitting cannot accomplish. While sitting, it is much easier to slouch, which creates weak neck and back muscles. But when you are standing, it enables the neck, back, and hip muscles to activate, thereby preventing he muscles from weakening”***. In addition to that, many standing desk users report more energy, enhanced collaboration, and increased job performance.

*Breaks in Sedentary Time, Beneficial associations with metabolic risk” American Diabetes Association,
** Stromberg, Joseph. “Five Health Benefits of Standing Desks” Smithsonian Magazine,
***“Standing Desks: Are They Worth It?” Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders,

Style for Any Décor.

Regardless how your office space is appointed, there is an Artisan Grove desk that will beautify it.
Choose from a selection of our most popular finishes.

If you desire a specific color, or a custom option like a shelf, chamfered edge, or grommet hole,
we can make that happen with a surprisingly short lead time.


Sustainable Beauty.

You can purchase Artisan Grove reclaimed desks with pride knowing that reclaimed materials reduce stress on our nation’s forests.

One Tree Planted.

For every desk sold, a tree is planted in North America, Latin America, Asia, or Africa.

The Perfect Office Starts Today.

Contact one of our product experts to learn how Artisan Grove can add function and beauty to your workspace.