ReFocus™ RAW 21” x 16" Freestanding Acoustic Desk Divider

Stand Up Desk Store's ReFocus™ RAW 21” Freestanding Acoustic Desk Divider effectively reduces noise while blocking out visual distractions around your desk. Highlights of this attractive, sound-absorbing desk divider include a freestanding design and ultra-light weight that make this desk privacy panel compatible with virtually any work surface, plus effortless to set up and move. Constructed of 60% post-consumer recycled materials.

As low as $24.00

  • This sleek desk partition reduces ambient noise and visual distractions
  • Thanks to a freestanding design, the desk screen will work with practically any desk or tabletop surface
  • “Raw” PET material offers a modern look and is made from 60% recycled, post-consumer materials
  • Extremely light in weight to make it easy to move and store when reconfiguring a work space

Choose this desk mounted privacy panel if: You want an exceptionally convenient, cost-effective way to reduce ambient noise and block out visual distractions around you, so you can better concentrate.

The ReFocus™ RAW 19.5” Freestanding Acoustic Desk Divider reduces ambient noise and minimizes visual distractions, helping you concentrate on the task at hand. Offering our quickest and easiest-to-install solution to create privacy in an open office environment, this freestanding desk screen simply sits on top of your work surface, eliminating any need to clamp onto or drill into your desk or table. The “raw” PET material lends a distinctive, modern look while absorbing 85% of the sound that passes through it, helping create a quieter desk space. Attractive colors include castle gray and anthracite gray.



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  • Overall Dimensions: 20.9" W x 4" D x 15.75" H
  • Panel Thickness: 0.475"
  • Attachment: None (freestanding design)
  • Sound absorbency: 0.85 NRC (85%)
  • Panel material: PET, 60% post-consumer
  • Tackable fabric to pin up notes and photos
  • Everything needed for assembly is included
FAST SHIPPING Most orders ship within 24 business hours.