ReFocus™ Acoustic Rear Mount Desk Dividers

Effectively reduce noise while blocking out visual distractions ahead of you with this attractive, sound dampening desk divider. The rear-mounted desktop privacy panel is available in a full range of eye-catching colors.

List Price $149.00

  • An attractive desk privacy panel that reduces ambient noise and visual distractions
  • The desk dividers easily clamp on to the rear edge of most standing desks
  • Offers three-position adjustable height to fine tune your level of privacy
  • Option to flip the desk screen over so it hangs beneath the desk, creating a “modesty panel”

ReFocus™ Acoustic Rear Mount Desk Dividers reduce ambient noise and minimize visual distractions, helping you concentrate on the task at hand. Offering a quick, easy, cost efficient, and attractive solution to create privacy in an open office environment, this desk privacy panel effortlessly mounts with tool-free thumb screws that easily clamp onto the rear edge of most standing desks. The innovative PET core material absorbs 85% of the sound that passes through it, helping create a quieter desk space. The panel also offers three-positions of adjustable height, so you can fine tune the level of privacy. You also have the option to hang the desk screen upside down, using it as a “modesty panel” to block the view beneath your desk. Also install a set of side mount panels for a full coverage solution. The fabric is tackable so you can pin up notes, photos, a calendar, and more. Offered in both 60” and 48” widths. Attractive colors include sandstone, cool gray, ash gray, steel blue, and midnight blue.

Choose this desk privacy panel if: You want an easy-to-install way to reduce ambient noise and block out visual distractions facing you, so you can better concentrate.



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24" Side Panel:

  • Overall dimensions: 24” W x 0.88” D x 24”H

48" Rear Panel:

  • Overall dimensions: 48” W x 0.88” D x 24”H

60" Rear Panel:

  • Overall dimensions: 60” W x 0.88” D x 24”H

Features and Additional Details:

  • Attachment: Thumb screw clamps (2)
  • Clamp capacity: Accommodates desktops up to 1.3" thick
  • Clamp depth: 2.25"
  • Distance from back of clamp to middle of thumb screw: 1.125"
  • Clamp height (top of clamp to end of thumb screw): 3.1" to 4.6"
  • Desk divider can be set to extend above the desk (privacy panel) or flipped over to extend below the desk (modesty panel)
  • Height adjustment settings: Panel can extend 11", 17", and 20" above or below the desktop
  • Sound absorbency: 0.85 NRC (85%)
  • Core material: PET, 60% post-consumer
  • Fabric: 100% post-consumer
  • Everything needed for assembly is included
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