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DeskPower Desktop Charging Station

DeskPower Desktop Charging Station

You Save: $6.00 (13%)

Power Supply Cable - 3 Outlet, 15 Foot, Black

DeskPower Desktop Charging Station

  • DeskPower Desktop Charging Station DeskPower Desktop Charging Station
  • DeskPower Desktop Charging Station DeskPower Desktop Charging Station
  • DeskPower Desktop Charging Station DeskPower Desktop Charging Station

Quick Overview

  • Combines a two port USB charger with dual standard grounded outlets to conveniently power mobile devices, computer, and accessories on your desktop
  • Four port desktop power outlet places your power supply in easy reach, not under your desk
  • Desktop charging station offers generous cable length to reach inconveniently located outlets
  • Seamlessly integrates into any Stand Up Desk Store standing desk model
List Price: $45.00
You Save: $6.00 (13%)
You Save: $6.00 (13%)
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It’s easier to stay on task when you have an orderly, efficient workspace. But powering the electronics we need on a day-to-day basis often means dealing with a tangled web of cables and hard-to-reach power strips. The DeskPower Desktop Charging Station puts access to power where you want it: within an arm’s length. Dual USB ports and twin three-prong grounded outlets provide the cable management you need, while a pair of thumb screws deliver effortless, secure, and tool-free installation on any Stand Up Desk Store standing desk. This premium USB charger also provides a 10’ power cord to reach nearby outlets. If you need additional power for your desk, simply add a second charging dock station to double your available ports. Available in white and black.

Choose this desktop charger station if: You want easy access to power for all of your desktop electronics.

  • Overall dimensions: 5.5” W x 4” D x 5.5” H (including clamp)
  • Housing dimensions: 5.5” W x 2.75” D x 2” H
  • Cord length: 10’
  • USB outlets: 2x 5vDC / 2.1A
  • Standard grounded outlets: 2 x 125vAC / 15A / 1875W
  • Sturdy aluminum housing with durable powder coat finish
  • Maximum desk thickness for installation: 1 3/16”
  • Distance from desktop surface to polarized plug: 3 1/8"
  • No assembly required


Connie B. 03/13/2019


I love this item in general. However, I do wish that the cord came down the back of the item rather than on the side. Being on the side forces me to put it on the corner of the desk or on the side of the desk rather than having it in the middle center, where I planned on putting it. If I move it, the cord is bending up against the desk, which can't be safe for the cord itself.

Craig R. 02/13/2019


It's a power outlet. Hard to screw that up.

Barry N. 02/10/2019


I still don't have all the pieces. Missing shipments and then pieces.

Michael N. 02/07/2019


Nice to have additional outlets and 2 USB. BUT not necessary if have power strip

Toni R. 01/16/2019


A little bulky but it is fantastic