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Choose the Right Desk for Your Home Office

Whether you’re freelancing, starting a business, or working remotely to avoid a nasty flu that’s going around, the key to productivity is a smart home office layout and carefully selected home office furniture. Naturally, everything starts with choosing the right desk. Want to find the perfect solution to fit your space and needs? Here’s a great place to start…

"I Have a Small-to-Medium-Sized Office but Need Additional Storage and Optimum Ergonomics."

Choose a Two-Tier Standing Desk

  • All the features and benefits of our full-sized stand up desks
  • Optimized keyboard and monitor placement for comfort
  • Better ergonomics can help alleviate back and neck pain
  • Maximizes usable desktop space by providing extra room for monitors, paperwork, a CPU, and more
  • Available in 24", 32", 40", 48", and 60" widths
  • Available with a manual, crank, or electric lift

"I Want to Keep My Existing Desk."

Choose a Standing Desk Converter

  • Sits on top of an existing desk or tabletop
  • Requires zero assembly
  • Allows you to sit or stand
  • Available in 1 or 2-level designs
  • Available with a pneumatic or electric lift
"I Want the Benefits of Standing Desks but Have Limited Space."

Choose a Mobile Standing Computer Workstation

  • Incredibly space efficient
  • Retractable keyobard tray
  • Provides shelf space for a printer and CPU
  • Customer favorite (dozens of 5-star reviews)
  • Locking casters for mobility

"I Have a Ton of Office Space, So I Want the Roomiest Desk Available."

Choose an L-Shaped Standing Desk

  • All the features and benefits of our full-sized stand up desks
  • Provides an expansive desktop area
  • Perfect for dual and triple-monitor setups
  • Available with a crank or electric lift

"I Need a Classic Desk for a Small-to-Medium-Sized Office Space."

Choose a Full-Sized Standing Desk

  • Replaces an existing desk
  • Requires some assembly (but not too much)
  • Allows you to sit or stand
  • Available in 40", 48", 56", and 60" widths
  • Available with a manual, pneumatic, crank, or electric lift

Standing Desk Accessories

The right accessories can make a great desk even better. When thinking through your home office design ideas, consider these additions:

Key Standing Desk Features

The configuration of your desk represents only a part of the decision-making process. Here are some additional attributes to consider:

Lift Mechanism

The lift mechanism controls how your desk raises and lowers. The type you choose will depend on your needs for convenience, price, speed, and weight capacity.

Choose Electric For:

  • One-touch push-button operation
  • Programmable memory (select models)
  • Highest available weight capacity (dual motor models)

Choose Pneumatic For:

  • Lightning-fast height adjustment

Choose Hand Crank For:

  • High weight capacity
  • Great value

Choose Manual Adjustable For:

  • Lowest cost
  • Simplicity

Desktop Material

Do you seek maximum value, or are you going for a rich, distinctive appearance? The answer to these questions will help determine your choice of desktop material.

Medium Density Fiberboard

  • Lowest-cost option
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean

Solid Wood

  • Stunning looks

Reclaimed Wood

  • Offers true heirloom quality
  • Environmentally friendly

Frame Features

Select SUDS sit stand desks contain one or more of the following features. If any of these are important to you, make sure they're offered on the desk you choose.

3-Stage Telescoping Legs

Provides an extended height range so the desk can both drop lower and raise higher

EZ-Assemble Frame

Go from unboxing to standing in minutes, not hours.

Casters vs. Furniture Feet

Casters offer easy mobility and sit the base of the desk 2" to 3" higher. Furniture feet offer maximum stability and sit the base of the desk 2" to 3" lower.

Dual Motors (electric models only)

Choose when a weight capacity up to 220 lbs. is required.

Programmable Memory (electric models only)

Recall your favorite sitting and standing settings with one touch of a button.

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