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Ergonomic Standing Desk Mat / Anti-Fatigue Mat

  • High-density gel foam for all-day cushioning and support
  • Beveled edges help prevent trips
  • Available in two sizes
As low as $44.00
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Most people know that standing desk benefits include a boost in energy, calorie burn, concentration, collaboration, and much more. However, standing for a long time on a hard floor can, for many, cause fatigue and discomfort. The Stand Up Desk Store Ergonomic Standing Desk Mat / Anti-Fatigue Mat helps keep you fresh and energized by featuring a generous 5/8" of high-density gel that absorbs shock and allows for gentle active movement. The matte black color hides dirt from your shoes, while beveled edges keep the standing mat from curling up and potentially causing trips. All in all, SUDS anti-fatigue floor mats help make standing at your desk a joy for the entire workday. Available in large and compact sizes to best fit your work space.

  • Anti-fatigue mats improve comfort and circulation when using a standing desk
  • Thanks to a generous 5/8" of high-density cushioning, this standing desk mat helps keep you energized and pain-free while promoting healthy, active movement
  • User-friendly features of this standing mat include a beveled edge to help prevent trips, and a non-slip textured surface
  • Anti-fatigue floor mats are also great in the kitchen, garage, workshop, and other places where you stand for extended periods of time
Large Mat:
  • Dimensions: 35" W x 19.5" D x 5/8" H
  • Thickness: 5/8"

Compact Mat:
  • Dimensions: 30" W x 15" D x 5/8" H
  • Thickness: 5/8"

Features and Additional Details:
  • Made of high-density rubberized gel foam for comfort and durability
  • Attractive matte black color helps hide dirt
  • Beveled edges prevent tripping or curling
  • Anti-fatigue floor mats improve circulation and ergonomics, while softening impact
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee